Monday, September 27, 2010

Hope Valley

I love my local quilt shop and stop in as often as I can (or as often as my husband will let me! :) ). They have great fat quarter bundles of almost all their fabric, which is great for quilters like me who want the variety of the whole line, but don't want to lug 10 bolts up to the counter. I was walking through this summer and was struck by Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley line. I bought it with no idea what to do with it, but after staring at it in my stash I finally decided to make it up the other week.

I made a stacked coin quilt, with white sashing between the rows. I love how this quilt turned out!

I free motion quilted this quilt. Here it's fresh out of the dryer and wonderfully crinkly!

For the back, I used a green solid to contrast the dark blues and grays on the front. When ever I have to piece the back of a quilt together, I try and put scraps from the top of the quilt in where the seam would be. I like it because it makes the back interesting and gives you something to look at on each side of the quilt.

The back and front together. I love the color tones - so masculine and modern, but warm at the same time.
This quilt is a definite favorite and now anxiously sits in a drawer in our master bedroom, waiting for a little one to come and love it!

A New Beginning

I love to spend my time gawking at other quilting blogs, so I figured now was as good a time as any to get my own up and running! I've got the quilting bug bad these days and look forward to sharing my many projects with you!