Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Doesn't Melt

It's fabric Tuesday again! I haven't spent hardly anytime this year quilting because I've been hard at work on this guy. I have a slew of snowmen that are displayed all over our house over the winter season, so when I saw this kit just before Christmas I snatched it right up. I finally finished it last night and am so excited to get it off to the framer tonight!

How cute is this little family?!
It's the perfect size - 10" x 10" - for a seasonal decoration
I took the pictures pre-washing, so excuse the wrinkles. I'll be sure to post more pictures after it's framed!

For once, my timing was perfect, too, and I have new fabric to play with to get me back into quilting. I'm diving into one of these bundles tonight and have lots of ideas swimming around! We'll see how much I can get done by next week :)

Ty Pennington Impressions, Lime 12 Total

Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Boys Love Blue in FAT QUARTERS 11 Total

*Both images from - one of my favorite online fabric stores!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Twin Quilts - Fabric Tuesday

I'm a day late for Fabric Tuesday over at Quiltstory this week, but better late than never, right?!

I actually have two quilts to share this week. For those of you that don't know me, I am a nanny to the most amazing twin boys who will be two next week. I am someone who has always wanted to be a mother, so as I'm in this period of waiting for that to happen, I get to be paid to do it for someone else! (If you are ever interested in what life with twins is like, I keep a blog about our day to day life for their parents to read if they are traveling or for family to keep up with all the milestones that happen in the first few years of life. It's Anyway, these boys are such a joy to me and I really love getting to be such a huge part of their lives. For their first birthday last year I decided to make them each a quilt. 

Up first is Aidan's quilt. Aidan is such a silly little boy! He will talk to me all day long and is already starting to know how to make little jokes. At some point during the day he usually says, "Tilly Aidy!" (Silly Aidan) after making a face or putting something somewhere it doesn't belong. Today he was putting his milk cup by his ear. :) Aidan is definitely the more physical boy. He loves to run and jump and throw balls. When he was still a baby he used to try and climb and get into everything, so I started calling him my monkey. Here is Aidan's monkey quilt:
It's a crazy 8 pattern with all kinds of fun monkey prints
It's hard to see, but the back is a big animal scene. The boys recently discovered that if you go under it in a sunny room the sun shines through and you can sit under there and look at all the different animals. It's very cute :)

Aidan and I on his first birthday
Now it is the ever coveted "Bon-key Ban-key" that he needs every night and at nap time. There is nothing better than seeing your work get destroyed from so much loving!

Up next is Patrick's quilt. Patrick is the thinker. He prefers to play by himself when we're at home and could sit and read books all day long. He likes to turn the pages and gets very upset if he opens it up to the title page and I don't read him all the words on the page! He will sit and say "Read! Read! Read!" until he's sure he's not getting gypped. :) When we go places, he is a huge flirt and loves to bat his beautiful blue eyes at all the ladies. I'm not kidding, he will pick out the skinny blonde adult in the classes we take and sit on her lap at song time and look back and smile at her. It's really funny and very cute! Patrick's quilt was born out of the thought that because he is so smart and such a thinker he will go on to do great and wonderful things, like maybe be a rocket scientist!
It's the same crazy 8 pattern as its twin.

Here's P, as we call him, and I on his first birthday.
He loves his blankie, but not quite as much as Aidan. Because he is such an independent kid he doesn't need the objects to attach to as much. He still goes straight for it at nap time and will usually ask me to sing Twinkle Twinkle when he sees the stars on it.  :)

Thank you for checking out my twin quilts! I'll be back with another project I have in the works for the boys second birthday next week!

Happy Fabric Tuesday!