Friday, July 27, 2012

Mom-to-be Gift

It's not every day you get a phone call that your best friends are expecting their first baby. We got a call sharing the good news a few weeks ago and I immediately knew I wanted to put together a little mom-to-be gift basket to mail to them. Being a pretty new Mom myself, I know that you are often given lots of sweet gifts, but not always things that are the most useful. With that in mind I put together this little care package and added some little poems to make it more fun. Enjoy!

Preggie Pops
"On those days when you start to feel sick in your tummy, these will help it feel better and they taste pretty yummy!"

Belly Bands (I made my own - there are tones of great pinterest tutorials on how to make them for so much cheaper than they cost at the store!)
"You can unbutton your pants and wear these to keep them in place, as your belly gets bigger and takes up more space"
"It's one of our favorites and we know it's true, Baby ****** is already loved through and through!"
Newborn gown
"Nothing in life is quite as sweet, as the pitter patter of sweet baby feet"
Stretch Mark Lotion
"This baby is undoubtedly a gift from God. This helps with the toll it takes on your bod."
Back Massager
"Pregnancy may cause you to feel all kinds of pains. Tell Mark to use this, it will help you stay sane"
Oreos (The Dad-to-be's favorite treat)
"We can't forget to add something for your mate. Maybe this will help him put on some sympathy weight!"

I found these great little cards and envelopes at JoAnns and bought coordinating ribbon to tie them all up in white tissue paper. I love these gender neutral colors and that there are lots of little gifts to open. Seriously, who doesn't love lots of presents to open?!

It was so fun to get the call when he gift arrived - they loved it! If they have a girl, I'm hoping this will help seal the arranged marriage deal I'd love to set up with her and Matt. : )

We live in Minnesota and they live in Texas so I had to be patient while waiting for it to get to them, and even more patient as I waited for the news to out in the open so I could share it with you all! I hope it inspires more great gift baskets for the parents-to-be in your lives!