Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

It's that time again over at Quilt Story and I actually have something I can share this week!

I'm still all Christmas presents all the time, and am almost done with my second of three (or maybe four if I can) Christmas quilts. This one is for my in-laws. My husband is a third generation Eagle Scout on his Dad's side, so scouting has been a big part of their lives. My husband's grandpa was an Eagle Scout and also a vet, so in my in-laws basement they have a flag from when he passed away, as well as all the Eagle Scout certificates and patches and the like of all of them in the family. When Robert Kaufman came out with the scout line, I quickly snatched some up and have now turned it into a quilt that will (hopefully) make a nice addition to the wall of scouting! :)

I'm really happy with it and can't wait to get it basted and binded! I love this quilt pattern because it allows more of the pretty fabric pattern to show, and it's really easy and went together super quickly!

Happy Fabric Tuesday!



I love this! The pattern looks very similar to one from Missouri Quilt Co. that I used to make a quilt for myself earlier in the year.

I like your dark fabrics framing the scouting fabrics. This gives me a great idea for another quilt!

A Girl

Great quilt and story. Love the fabric, i didn't know he had a scout line of fabrics. I will have to check it out. My nephew is a scout and loves all things scout related.


Love that so much! I have a soon to be Eagle Scout son & I'm floating ideas in my head on a quilt I'm going to make for him. Thanks for the inspiration!


This looks great! And a great story. I am sure it will be loved!


What a terrific pattern to highlight these fabrics! Thanks for sharing.


That is so thoughtful and I love how it turned out! Crossing my fingers for you to finish a fourth! ;)

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