Friday, December 31, 2010

Nice list

I must have done something REALLY good this year because boy was I on Santa's nice list! Unknowingly, my whole family get together and got me everything you could possibly need to be a quilter!

My sweet husband got me a sewing machine! It's not quite a big girl sewing machine yet, but, hey, it's new, it's mine, and it has some decorative stitches on it, so I'm a happy girl! He also got me Elizabeth Hartman's new book that I've been drooling over and some good old fashioned cash for fabric! What a guy! :)

My parents got me a huge 6'x6' design board! I've always had to lay my quilts out on the floor and it's hard to make color choices when the color of the carpet is acting as a second background. I'm really excited to have my own design board! And, it even folds up into it's own cute little carrying case so I can take it with me places or store it when I'm not needing it. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

My husband was the best man in a wedding in Houston this November. My in-laws came to the wedding, too, and it just so happened that we were in Houston over the International Quilt Festival! I told my mother in-law about it and she agreed to go with me one morning while my husband was doing best man duties. We had so much fun wandering around the show and just did a lot of taking it all in and looking at all the beautiful quilts and fabrics. One of the few booths we did stop at, though, was the Easy Quilter booth. The gentleman at the booth was very sweet and let me sit and try out their long arm machine. It was fun to sit and play with, and my mother in-law and I each took a little handout and continued on our merry way. I honestly thought nothing more of it. Care to guess what made an appearance under the tree this year?

My very own long arm set up! I still can't believe it! It's like a quilters dream every time I walk into the basement. Sigh. This little table and I are going to have many good years together...

The only complaint I can make is that nobody took our "quaint" little 1300 square foot house into account with all these gifts. Right now the long arm is in the "man room", as is evident by the neon Minnesota Twins sign in the background. :) Honey, I think we better get a contractor over here to start looking at adding on. And I suppose he'll want to be paid, so better stop and pick up some lottery tickets on your way home. I'm sure who ever would look at buying our house down the line would love a big, custom sewing room!

Merry Christmas!!


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