Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching up

Long time no blog! It doesn't feel like that long ago, but I think I'm also in denial that it is March already. I live in the Midwest and we are gearing up for another big snowstorm this week (and we got 4" last night...) so it feels much more like I should be getting ready for Christmas than getting ready for spring. Although I haven't had much time at the computer, I have had lots of time to get some projects started!

I ordered a great blue, grey and black fat quarter group from Fabric Worm with some of Alexander Henry's Beep! Beep! line in it that came the other day. I couldn't resist making a quick quilt out of it! Here it is up on the board, waiting for the backing fabric to come so I can finish it up!

A few weeks ago I showed you the cross stitch I finished. I got it back from the framers (Michaels) this week and I love it! I had originally planed on just having it up with my winter decorations, but after what it cost to frame it ($130! and it's only 10"x10"!!) I think it has a permanent home on our wall now. :)
Finally, I've had the knitting bug lately and have been spending many of my nights curled up on the couch with my needles clicking away. I have a few things hanging out on needles now, but here is one I actually finished. It is SO cute and now happily tucked away in the hope chest waiting to be used :)

I hope to be back tomorrow for fabric Tuesday. I'm using Ty Pennington's line to make Elizabeth Hartman's Rain or Shine quilt (the picture is from on of my favorite blogs to follow - the plaid scottie) and i am loving it already! It's the first quilt I'm making for my husband and I for our master bed and I am itching to get more of it done. It's quilt the tedious quilt to make, though, so we'll see if I can finish it sooner rather than later! :)

Happy Monday quilting friends!



How exciting! Can't wait to see how your Rain or Shine quilt turns out :)


Love the hat. I knit too and would love that pattern! Could you send it to me via facebook? Thanks

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