Friday, May 18, 2012

Chevron Diaper Bag

Today I'm linking up with the CSI Project to share the cool new diaper bag I made!

We had been given two diaper bags as gifts before Matt was born, but being a new Mom I had no idea what you really want/need in a diaper bag. I found this great bag tutorial on Pinterest from Sew Mama Sew! ( and it inspired me to make my very own custom diaper bag. Add in some awesome chevron fabric and I have a bag that I am totally in love with!

I made a great little bag to go with it that holds all my Mommy things, like my check card, drivers license, phone, keys... you get the idea. It's nice to not have to dig through the mess of baby stuff to find what I need, and if we're just running in somewhere quick I can just grab the Mommy bag and not have to carry the diaper bag with me!

I hope you love the bag as much as I do. I think the chevron fabric really makes it and I feel so trendy carrying it around. (If you know me, you know that trendy is generally something that is not associated with me! Ha!) And if by some crazy chance you didn't love it, here's a picture of the world's cutest baby so hopefully you'll at least feel like your trip to my blog was worth your while :)

Happy Friday, all!


Designed by Dawn Nicole

SO cute! I love the little matching bag. The multicolored Chevron is really cool. Saw you on the CSI Project. :)


Love the fabric choice, right on, right on! I love that the bag itself doesn't scream " baby". I'd use it or a purse, without a child in tow!

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