Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Girl Quilt

It's fabric Tuesday on Quiltstory! Here's what I've been working on today

I recently finished a quilt I know I can't part with, so it now sits in my "someday baby drawer" along with some other things I've picked out for our hopefully not-so-in-the-future critter. Since it was definitely a boy quilt, I wanted to make one for a little girl to have in my drawer as well. (By the way, honey, consider this another mention of how I'd love a hope chest instead of a drawer to keep this all in. I'm not saying, but Christmas is coming soon... :) ) Without further ado, here's my baby girl quilt!

The pattern is called New Waves from Oh, Fransson! She has lots of beautiful, modern patterns that I just love and has a new book coming out soon that I can't wait to get my hands on!

I spent a lot of time trying to find the right color for the back. I wanted the quilt to be obviously girly, but not too pink. The yellow I ended up with (Kona in banana) works well, I think, at keeping it female but not too babyish and pink. I like it, and I guess that's all that matters :)

I'm so excited to have this quilt done. I hope it will be a great companion to a sweet little girl someday!


Elizabeth D.

Love, love, love this!! Like you, I'm a big Oh Fransson fan, and this is one of her patterns that's on my To Sew list. What a beautiful quilt!

Sew Many Mamas

Beautiful! Love your color choice!


This is gorgeous! Love the colors, so warm!


So pretty! I have a New Wave quilt in Nicey Jane sitting at the basting stage, just waiting to be done! But since it is for ME, it keeps getting pushed to the backburner as other things come up!
Also love your coin quilt. Welcome to the blogging/quilting world! Isn't it fun?

Kristie at OCD


I have wanted to try that pattern...your quilt is wonderful!


I love this quilt!! Sometimes it's nice to have a "someday" quilt...

Jennifer :)


It is beautiful. Love the colors! Thanks for linking up to us!


Great colors! I love that banana kona you used on the back! I'm planning to make a quilt with that pattern using Modern Meadow fabrics in the blue/green/brown colors....Great job! Love your other quilts too! I started a blog not that long ago too!

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