Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I am SO excited to be linking up to my first quilt festival! I love looking at all the amazing quilts made by others, so I hope you enjoy a peek into my quilting life as well!

It is really easy for me to pick my favorite quilt. The Hope Valley fabrics jumped into my bag during a trip to my local fabric store this spring. Don't you just hate it when fabric some how jumps in without you knowing?! My husband thinks I may have something wrong with me because it happens all the time! :) Anyway, the fabric sat in my sewing room for a few months and I just couldn't find the right project for it.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby, and as with most great things in life, it's taking a little while. One Saturday this summer, he was gone at Poker Night with his guy friends and I was surfing the internet. I pulled up Facebook and found that yet another friend was pregnant. As happy as I was for them, it was hard to hear that yet again it was someone else's turn and not mine. After a good few minutes of sulking, my eye caught the fabric. I decided that although I couldn't do anything about when our little one would arrive, I could make something for them. The evening turned into a wonderful time of prayer and thinking about my hopes and dreams for this little one. Before I knew it, the quilt top was done and I LOVED it! I went to the fabric store the next day and got the backing and this quilt now happily sits in a drawer that I'm slowly filling with things for a baby. I can't wait for the day it will be puked on and loved on! :)

Without further ado, here's the quilt!

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Teresa Eliason

I love the quilt and your story and your hope!


It's a very pretty collection of fabrics, and a lovely unisex quilt. I hope you get to wrap your offspring in it soon. Keep making quilts and it's bound to happen. I know all about fabrics jumping into my bag. You should see my stash. So much fun!


I've never met a coin quilt that I didn't like and yours is beautiful!


I hope it will be puked on, too :-)
Love it.

Vicki @ DottyJane

Love the quilt and the story! May it be in use very soon:)

amy smart

I love this! What a perfect way to use those fabulous Hope Valley fabrics. The color on the back is divine. Best wishes in your baby endeavors as well. Here's to lots of baby puke in your future! :)


I know that "everyone is pregnant but me" feeling all too well. But now it's morped into "everyone is sewing but me" as I tend my little ones. Don't give up and just enjoy the process (sewing and otherwise ;-)) Lovely quilt.


The quilt is beautiful. Indeed the Hope fabric was just what you needed!!!!!
Good luck.

Greetings from France


A beautiful serene quilt, I love the Hope Valley fabrics in this. Hope you will be using it soon.


I love your quilt and I hope your dreams come true!


It's an interesting color choice for a baby quilt. I like it.


Still loving this quilt! We will just have to enjoy it in it's pristine state now as someday it will be spotted with baby puke and other interesting signs of use.

You rock darling girl!! (and I should know)

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