Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haaaaaaaave you met Kristin?

Okay, I'm veering away from my usual craftiness to introduce you all to a wonderful woman. Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a Show us Your Single Friends link up at her blog today and I couldn't resist the chance to put my amazing sister out there and hope God brings something out of it!

This is Kristin.

Kristin is 23 and lives near Minneapolis, MN. She works as a Certified Medical Assistant at a clinic in downtown and is well known for her compassion and great people skills. She is the kind of person you can feel instantly at ease with. She's funny, sweet and really good at her job. (No, really. I'm a baby and I let her draw my blood once and it didn't hurt and I didn't have a bruise the next day!)

(I'm the bride and she's the one squeezed in next to me)

Kristin is really fun. She and her friends like to host get togethers with crazy themes, like an 80's Prom or a Saloon party where everyone comes dressed up and in character. She took a trip this last year to Ireland with her friend and they had a blast sightseeing and taking in all Ireland had to offer.

While we haven't always gotten along (Hey! We're sisters!) I am so thankful for her place in my life. God knew exactly what he was doing my giving me Kristin as a sister. We have had more nights full of laughter and silliness than I could ever describe. Kristin will make someone an excellent wife someday and I can't wait to see the man God has planned for her. No matter when he enters her life, she will richly bless him and give him a life full of love and laughter. I hope you might be him or know him! :)

Oh, and she has no idea I'm doing this, so Kristin - either I'm sorry, or you're welcome :)


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