Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kitchen Window Quilt

One of my goals for 2011 is to finally make a quilt that will stay in the Ritter household, specifically one for our master bedroom. We have a nice enough bed set at the moment, but my husband and I are both major cover hogs and we have two fur babies who think sleeping in between us is the most comfortable spot. Imagine 30 lbs of dog holding down the center of the covers and two adults fighting over the sides. It's not pretty. What I need to do is make a king size quilt so all can be happy and warm at night. My husband is all for it, and for Christmas even set aside some money for me to make it with. He also gave me Elizabeth Hartman's book that has a beautiful quilt that she calls the Kitchen Window quilt that I'm just in love with and want to make. Sounds like all systems are go, right?

The problem: I can't decide on fabric. Maybe I'm just putting too much pressure on myself, but I've never made a quilt this big and I want it to last us a long, long time. There are so many great fabric lines out there and I just can't pick! I've got it narrowed down to these 5. Your thoughts are welcome. :)

#1: Sunkissed by Sweetwater
Sunkissed Fat Quarter Bundle Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

Pros: I'm a fanatic about the color green and this green is one of my favorite shades
Cons: Hubs doesn't love the pink/purple color. The patterned fabric might be too small for the pattern

#2 and 3: Charcoal and Kiwi Impressions by Ty Pennington
Charcoal Impressions Fat Quarter Bundle Ty Pennington for Free Spirit Fabrics

Kiwi Impressions Fat Quarter Bundle Ty Pennington for Free Spirit Fabrics

Pros: LOVE these fabrics! Both the green and the deep coral are beautiful colors and I love them paired with grey. Big, bold patterns. Having a bit of Ty Pennington in my bed.... Who said that?
Cons: Too few fabrics in the collection? I guess it's harder to come up with cons for this one. Maybe that's telling me something

#4: Central Park by Kate Spain
Central Park Yardage Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics
Pros: I'm a big Kate Spain fan. I love the bright, modern colors and the patterns on this line are great. It doesn't force me into a single color palate either, which is nice since I know hubby gets a little tired of green
Cons: Is it too bright and young? Am I going to be 40 and not be in love with it anymore? These colors seem so young and cool to me, will they not match me when I am older and undoubtedly uncool? (Note: not all older people are uncool, I'm just sure I will be :) )

Decisions, decisions. I want to make up my mind soon, so if you have any thoughts please let me know!



I think either of the Ty Pennington colorways would be great. That's what I love about the Kitchen Windows pattern - you can use as few different fabrics are you want. Plus, the colors look very sophisticated to me and I think your husband would have a hard time saying it's too girly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love to find new ones.

Elizabeth D.

I think Brooke's absolutely right, the Ty Pennington fabrics are very sophisticated and dare I say classic. I think your gut's telling you to go with these based on your lack of cons! :)

the misses of the blisses

I would go with the Charcoal impressions Ty pennington. It is masculine and feminine but also not to young or old. By the way- I LOVE YOUR button! that is awesome! Ill be adding that to my blog in a few weeks when I have more time to give my blog a makeover!


So everyone else is voting for Ty - and I do LOVE his fabric line ... in fact all of your choices are on my list of dream fabrics ... BUT -- I am currently sewing a quilt w/the Kate Spain central park fabric and I'm in LOVE!! It's a lot of fun to work with. So perhaps I'm biased, but I would go for Central park ... but my other thought is those color palates are all so different - what fits in w/the decore you have in the room ... pictures on the wall? are the walls painted? ... that might help you pick since those are all such beautiful fabric lines!


From New Zealand... go with Kate Spain...too old for colour? age is just a state of mind. You love what you love why make yourself think old??? whatever that way of thinking is. I am in my 60's and dont know how to quilt in anything other than bright and colourful which just makes my heart sing. Carolyn...

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