Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Nest Quilt Contest

Welcome to Britter Quilts! I saw the Love Nest Quilt Contest over at Gen X Quilters and thought it would be fun to enter my first original quilt!

I had my sister over one night and had just gotten some of Kate Spain's Fandango fabric in the mail. I showed them to her and she just fell in love with them. It planted quite the little seed in my head for a wonderful Christmas gift, so off to work I went!

This quilt is made with one charm pack and one jelly roll, along with the white sashing fabric. I randomly sewed the jelly rolls along the sides of the charms to get my blocks. From there I added the one inch sashing. At this point, the quilt was looking much like others I had seen on other blogs and websites, so I called in my consultant (my ever willing and wonderful husband) and together we came up with the idea of setting the blocks off from each other. To make it work without doing any math, I cut a block of the white sashing fabric the same size as my colored blocks. Then I cut it in half and sewed the half block to one side of the row of quilt blocks. When I went to line them up, viola! A squared up quilt top! All that was left was to add the turquoise border and it was ready to be quilted.

I free motion quilted this quilt in an all over stippling pattern.

I used one of the blue fabrics from the line as my backing. I also used left over pieces from my jelly roll to add a row of the blues where I pieced the back together. I love doing that because it brings some life to the usually plain back and, hey, I have to sew there anyway so it really doesn't take much more work!

The binding is the striped fabric from the Fandango line. I love love love stripped bindings!

I worked on this quilt for just over two weeks. I spent a lot of hours on it, but I was just so excited to watch it come together that I spent every moment I could working on it. I was really inspired by these fabrics. They were the perfect choice for my sister. She is young and fun and vibrant, but classy, too and I think these fabrics hit all those notes. My hope is that it will be a quilt that she treasures for a long, long time!

(My sister, left, and me, right, on Christmas morning)

Thanks for checking out my quilt and don't forget to head over and check out the others!



I am personally in love with all lines by Kate Spain! I love your take on Fandango. Great quilt and thanks for entering it in the Love Nest Quilt Contest! Best of luck!

AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters


This is a great quilt...nice design...gorgeous fabric...stripey binding...lucky sister!

random thoughts do or di

this is lovely. Really pretty colors.

the misses of the blisses

oh my goodness!! I LOVE this quilt! I love how you wrote about it too! Great thinking about piecing it together by using a half square of the white to offset the rows!! Its great Brittany!! Next time we have a phone date Ill have to remember to ask you how you do your binding. (all machine, or machine and hand?) I do one side machine and the other side by hand, it looks nice, but is a bit time consuming to do the hand work. Anyways, I also just put your "button" on my blog! I love looking at your quilting projects!!


Lovely design and such a great idea to make it stand out from what would be otherwise similar quilt tops =)


I love this design, probably more than anyone else. Probably because it is laying on my bed right now! :) It is so beautiful!!!! It brightens everything in my room. I'm so honored to be a proud owner of a Brittany original!

Heather A

I just found your blog via the contest and I'll be happy to follow your creative ventures. I really like your quilt and am so fond of Fandango by Kate Spain. I just got some myself and look forward to doing something with it. Thanks for the inspiration.


Fantastic quilt...eye candy like this just may bring me to the modern quilt side....I currently do string quilts mostly.


Brittany, this is beautiful!

Nadilah Sungkar Magee

Hi, Can you please tell me what color did you used for the solid blue ? I love that color. Thanks.

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