Friday, February 3, 2012

SUYL Singles!

Hello, there, neglected blog. It has been a crazy few months since I last blogged. About the last time I put up a post, we found out that we were pregnant! What a year it's been. We were thrilled to introduce little Matthew into the world on Thanksgiving morning and are loving every minute of being parents. Craftyness has definitely slowed down, but I have lots to show you all now that I'm coming out of the fog of having a newborn ;)

BUT, that's not what this is about! Kelly is linking up singles again and I can't resist the opportunity to tell you all about my sister, Kristin.

Isn't she pretty?! ;) Kristin is 24 and lives in the Minneapolis area. She works in a clinic as a CMA. She loves her job, and I have to say she is awesome at it. She has a real gift for taking care of people and making them comfortable.

She loves to travel although I know she doesn't get to do it as much as she'd like. Last year she spent some time backpacking over in Ireland and had the time of her life. She just got back from some time in California, too. You can tell just how smart she is that she chose to get out of Minnesota in January. ;)

Kristin is on the right next to the bride, me :)  

She loves her family and is thrilled to be a new auntie. Although Matt is only 10 weeks old, she is already doing her best to spoil him and is by far his favorite aunt! (Okay, so she's also his only aunt, but still!) She enjoys cooking and trying out new restaurants and food. She loves animals and looks forward to the day she can have one of her own.

She is so much fun and I feel so blessed to have her as my sister. I just know God has a fantastic man in mind for her and I can't wait until he brings them together!


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